And our homeschool journey begins..

Homeschool Journey

Today we started what ever mom dreams of, but the moment it happens we ask for our kids to be babies again. When did I blink and have the years fly by. 

Ive gone back and forth with wanting Evelynn to go to a public school and teaching her on my own. She turned 3 and I finally decided she needs a better structure to her day. I looked at the schools we within district for and we just weren't impressed (when we bought our house we were not to worried about schools as we knew we wouldn't be here forever). 

So we made the decision to homeschool, I bought pre made lesson plans and all the school supplies. We have been hyping her up for weeks to get her prepared and trying to stay to as similar of schedule as we will have with school. 

I have my teachers binder/planner organized with each day separated in to individual clear paper protectors. (shown below) the night before I looked at the lesson plan and that I would need to have done before our day started. The lesson plans I went with have 3 days a week and each day is 1-2 hours depending on how to length and/or take breaks. I will share how it works out best for our family.


I will update you in a few weeks if there are any tips or tricks that I find. 

Daily sharing of lesson plans will be happening within my vip page. Linked in the navigation bar above! 

Stay Magical 



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